Awakening Lane

We are so excited to announce the opening of our first Recovery Home – Awakening Lane.

Awakening Lane, a revolutionary option for women working to create a new way of living in recovery, located in Newark, Ohio. We welcome single women over the age of 18. We also welcome pregnant women and women caring for their baby while living in Recovery. While participating in our program, residents will have the opportunity to live in a home that fosters a safe and supported learning environment to help them continue sobriety.

For our pregnant residents, living in recovery will enable them to give birth to a baby that is either not affected or only minimally drug affected.  Our hope is that this will prevent the baby from spending time withdrawing from drugs in the NICU detox. Therefore, the baby can go home with mom within the usual time frame. In addition, there is less chance of their newborns having developmental challenges in their future.

Residents of Awakening Lane are held accountable. For the safety of each resident, they will be drug tested, alcohol tested, and subjected to a curfew. In addition, they will be helped them with their specific needs as they pertain to their personal recovery path, finding employment, signing up for future assisted / affordable housing, and furthering their education.

Our residents will support each other, making real friendships and having new experiences that will outshine old, intrusive memories that can lead to relapse. Whether new to recovery or re-committing to the journey, we will offer a safe haven, a place to discover the awesome blessing of recovery.