Requirements for Residency

Individuals interested in living at our Recovery Residences can apply directly to the Administrator. If there are vacancies and the applicant meets our admission criteria, an interview will be scheduled.

Applicants should consider if Reocovery Housing is truly a good fit for them. Anyone may refer to our program.

Individuals must be drug and alcohol free for 30 days or more. Individuals are expected to have a recovery plan. If the plan is 12-step they must attend a minimum of three (3) meetings a week. All must be willing to accept the house rules and expectations, be gainfully employed (or actively seeking employment) and able to pay their rent (need based subsidies are available). Residents on Disability are required to work or volunteer at least 20 hours a week.

Getting a solid match between the individual and our Recovery Residences is important, as residents who are disruptive and not serious about recovery can cause serious problems for a house. Counselors can be a big help if they take the time to pre-screen potential referrals, the following criteria are afforded for use:

Willing and able to live in a shared housing setting
Has shown reasonable behavior in recovery group setting
The individual is serious about his or her recovery?
Does the individual have a recovery plan when finishing treatment?
Has the applicant secured employment or is actively seeking?

Click here to download online rental application: WLR rental application