WELCOME HOME to Whole Living Recovery, a safe haven for women and men fighting addiction. Our goal is to offer safe, community based housing during early recovery so that each resident can have time to take care of themselves, support each other and prepare for the future.  Safe and sober housing bridges the gap between everyday life and treatment options available within the community. While participating in our program, our residents will be doing the work to develop the spiritual, emotional, and physical practices essential to a full life of vibrant, sustainable recovery from addiction.

We currently operate two homes

Awakening Lane, a revolutionary option for women in recovery. We welcome single women over the age of 18 including women during pregnancy or caring for their baby while in recovery.

Norpell Lane, a spacious home for single men over the age of 18 who put their recovery before all else.

Our Mission Statement
A quality residential experience and a holistic approach to wellness for women and men in recovery who are committed to fighting their disease of addiction. Our goal is to offer guidance and structure as together participants establish and develop the essential practices – spiritual, emotional, and physical – necessary for a full life of vibrant, sustainable recovery.

Our Philosophy

We recognize that freedom from addiction requires life-long commitment and vigilance. While our program is founded upon the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, we honor many aspects of recovery. 

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